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What Conditions Qualify for Medical Marijuana in Florida?

In Florida, Amendment 2, was approved by voters on the Tuesday, November 8, 2016, legalizing the use of medical marijuana, and on June 9, 2017, the Florida State Legislature passed Senate Bill 8A (SB 8A), the Medical Use of Marijuana Act which further defined the qualifying conditions, and implemented the ammendment.

Qualifying Conditions

  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress)
  • CHRONIC PAIN (must be caused by another listed condition)
  • AIDS
  • ALS
  • TERMINAL CONDITION (must be diagnosed by another physician)

How to Qualify for Medical Marijuana

STEP 1 - CERTIFICATION: Once a doctor physically exams you, and deems that you meet the criteria for one of the qualifying conditions they may issue a certfication that will allow you to have access to medical marijuana products for up to 210 days.

After the 210 days expire, the physician must re-exam you to re-certify that you are remain eligible to receive medical marijuana products.

STEP 2 - RECOMMENDATION: Once you are certified, you can receive a recommendation for medical marijuana in the Florida medical marijuana registry for a period of up to 70 days which can be renewed up to 3 times for a total of 210 days.

STEP 3 - DISPENSARIES: Once you can receive a recommendation for medical marijuana and have received your medical marijuana ID card you can visit a dispensary to purchase your medical marijuana products.

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Step 1: Schedule Your Appointment

Get started today by booking a medical cannabis evaluation appointment by calling our main office at 305-787-4240.

Step 2: Medical Evaluation

Meet one of our Qualified Medical Marijuana Physicians for a physical examination.

Step 3: Certification

If you meet the criteria for one of the qualifiying conditions, our physicians can certify you the same day! Please bring all medical records regarding your condition and medications to make the process as smooth as possible.