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Pricing Plans

We're committed to helping all qualifying patients get access to medical marijuana products. Choose the Pricing Plan that works best for you below.

Initial Exam


  • Initial medical marijuana evaluation by a qualified medical marijuana doctor

  • Initial physical examination

  • Certification for full 210 day cycle

In-home Doctor Visit


Concierge All-Inclusive Service:

  • Initial or Renewal Medical marijuana evaluation by a qualified medical marijuana doctor

  • Physical examination

  • Covers all additional doctor visits and order renewals during the full 210 day certification

  • Direct VIP access to qualified medical marijuana doctor and reduced wait-time

  • Step-by-Step Guidance through the entire State Medical Cannabis card application process

*In-Home Doctor Visits are limited to a maximum distance of 25 miles or 40 minutes from our locations.

Longer distances may be accepted however additional travel charges of $100 per hour will be required.

Certification Renewal


  • Recertification for patients who have already received a prior certification.

  • Patients with membership plans do not pay the renewal fee.